35. Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2009
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    Daily News – 31.7.2009

    TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

    Man with a Movie Camera: musical accompanied by Magnetik

    Classical picture Man with a Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov, which represents the best of Russian avant-garde, could be watched at Hvězda cinema today. The projection was accompanied by Magnetik, also an avant-garde project by Peter Van Krbetz and Moimir Papalescu, members of now defunct The Nihilists.

    Jan Hus: Miroslav Bambušek and Radim Špaček as guests at the projection

    The newest director’s and scriptwriter’s work by Miroslav Bambuška was projected in session Visegrad horizon. The film was presented together by the director and its producer Radim Špaček, who also got a role in it.

    The 40th anniversary of Cloverleaf: meeting with authors

    A meeting with Jaroslav Němeček, the godfather of characters from Czech comics Cloverleaf, came through today in small hall at Klub Kultury. Short documentary film by Jitka Rudolfová ,,Looking for the Secret of the Green Soap”, in which she looks for behind the scenes of origin of legendary periodical, was projected in session Special Screenings.

    Conception of support and progress of Czech cinematography and film industry (special press release)

    A meeting moderated by Tomáš Baldýnský on the long-discussed topic of supporting Czech cinematography came through in session Respekt forum today at 2:30 PM. Petra Smolíková, the vice-minister of culture, presented Conception of support and progress of Czech cinematography and film industry, which will be introduced to the Cabinet in September 2009 and which should be the first step for creating and confirming the missing law about Czech cinematography. the whole news...

    Gipsies: Jeanne Pommeau presented the projection at Hvězda cinema

    Repainted picture by Karel Anton from the first republic (1921), an adaptation of eponymous novella by Karel Hynek Mácha, was presented by historian of the National Film Archive Jeanna Pommeau today at Hvězda cinema.

    Napszyklat: concert at College plaza

    Original current Polish band presented their alternative music on the board line of hip hop, dark electronic, rock, noise and ambient. Besides samples and synthetic sounds they also use live drums and guitar. The audience could watch their energy performance at College plaza.

    I am not a Friend of Yours: Gyorgy Pálfi presented his new film

    At Slovácké Theater, Young Hungarian director György Pálfi presented his newest picture – drama about relationships I am not a Friend of Yours. Attila Réthly, who was concerned in the script and did casting for Pálfi’s previous film Taxidermia, was as a guest at the projection.

    Načeva – Pavlíček – DJ Five: performance at College plaza

    Current musician image of Monika Načeva, which she shares with Michal Pavlíček and DJ Five, is beautiful, full of feelings and unbelievably strong and fierce at the same time. Načeva’s passionate alto, lyrical tones of Pavlíček’s guitar and mixer DJ Five could be heard at College plaza today.
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