35. Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2009
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    Daily news – 30.7.2009


    Digital cinema from A to Z: lecture at Hvězda cinema

    Lecture called Digital cinema from A to Z took its place at Hvězda cinema today. Mirek Sochor, Miloš Tourek and Petr Vítek performed there as guests, Vítek also moderated the presentation.

    Méliès: projection at Mír musically accompanied by DVA

    A session of pictures by Georges Méliès, the father of trick and fantasy film, was presented at Mír today. Besides several short pictures, which illustrate options of cinematography at the beginning of the twenties, famous pictures A Trip to the Moon and The Impossible Voyage were projected. DVA took care of the musical accompanying by combination of acoustic instruments and human voice with electronic.

    El Paso: director Zdeněk Tyc as a guest at the projection

     The audience could watch the last Zdeněk Tyce’s full-length film El Paso at Slovácké Theater today. The film from session Visegrad Horizon was presented by the author.

    Delta: actress Orsolya Tóth introduced the projection at Hvězda cinema

    The film by Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó was presented by Orsolya Tóth, who has the lead role in the movie. The picture from Visegrad Horizon session tells a story about a young woman, who has to face old and bitter mentality of conservative villagers.

    Masterclass – Václav Vorlíček

    A meeting with Václav Vorlíček, man, who has changed Czech cinematography (especially genres crazy comedies and fairy-tale stories), came through today in lecture hall UTB2. Together with the audience he looked back at his films Three Nuts for Cinderella, Sir, You Are a Widow etc.

    Beldame and Man on Wire: projection at Slovácké Theater

    Beldame, short film by Zuzana Kirchner, student at FAMU in Prague, could be watched at Slovácké Theater today. It was followed by documentary film Man on Wire by British director James Marsh, which was presented by Pavel Bednařík in session Special Screenings.

    Bezmocná hrstka: concert at College plaza

    Bezmocná hrstka, Slovakian project of free musicians’ society, was founded in the nineties. The audience could listen to their experimental alternative music at College plaza today.

    Everything for Sale: Tadeusz Lubelski presented the projection at Klub Kultury

    The picture is from 1968 and mixes elements of film fiction with reality. The director paid honours to his favorite actor Zbigniew Cybulski. The film was presented by Tadeusz Lubelski, Polish film theorist and historian.

    Small Death: dramatic performance by SKUTR theatre

    The dramatic performance was played and danced by three men and three women. Poetical physical drama about looking for the one was performed in grass areas near Hvězda cinema.

    Third continuation of this year’s mírLAB

    Three audiovisual projects came through at Mír tonight. The attendants of this year’s Summer Film School could watch and listen to famous Georgij Bagdasarov (who was musically accompanying several films during the festival), who performed with Czech Bubeník. The program continued to local projects Mon Insomnia and Table together with VJ A. Schwarz.

    Lenka Dusilová & Eternal Seekers: performance at College plaza

    Lenka Dusilová, holder of several annual music awards Anděl, performed tonight together with project Eternal Seekers, in which closely cooperates with Clarinet Factory and Beata Hlavenkova. The singer proved that she deserved all awards she had got while working in our country.
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