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    Daily News - 29.6.2009

    V news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

    When the Stars Were Red: Dušan Trenčík presented the projection at Klub Kultury

    The picture from 1990 from session Rewriting History deals with paradoxes of modern Czechoslovakian history after 1989. The projection at Klub Kultury was presented by the director Dušan Trančík.

    Film and cinema – connected containers?: presentations in UTB1

    Two presentations which deal with norm and quality of film education in Czech Republic came through in the hall UTB1 today. The presentations were moderated by publicist Petr Pláteník; he greeted pedagogue and coordinator of school projection Vlasta Vyčichl and documentary moviemaker Petr Slinták during the first presentation. František Topinka, lector of educational programs and art director of the Summer Film School Pavel Bednařík preformed in the afternoon.

    Girls from Szymanów: the director Magdalena Piekorz as a guest at the projection at Mír

    In the session Visegrad Horizon, the picture by Polish director Magdalena Piekorz from 1997 was presented. The documentary film deals with life and education of young women from the Sisters of Immaculate Conception School. Ladies come to real life from behind the walls of the institution.

    Take it Jeasy! Projection of the documentary film by Tereza Nvotová at Slovácké Theater.

    Documentary film debut by young director and scriptwriter Tereza Nvotová watches often controversial life situations of members of The Triumphal Centre of Faith. The Projection came through at Slovácké Theater today.

    State of the Nation: Austrian in Six Chapters – Barbara Albert as a guest of the projection

    Four Austrian authors were working on the picture: Barbara Albert, Michael Glawogger, Ulrich Seidl, Michael Sturminger, and each one of them captured the view of society a its view of current political and economic situation (2002). Barbara Albert, who focused on women, especially on workers and the ones who has to feed their children, presented the film at Reduta.

    Make Your Own Little Airplane: performance The Kingdom in children tent DNO

    Play with songs not only for children about small Ema, who gets on the track of the biggest mystery of the Flower Empire, was performed by Anna Duchaňová and Michal Němec. The performance was written on the theme of the book Flower Kingdom by Maurice Carême.

    The annual Association of Czech Film Clubs (ACFC) award for Václav Vorlíček

    Václav Vorlíček, king of Czech comedies and fairy-tale stories, got (from Ivan Hubač, dramaturge of Czech Television) annual ACFC award at Hvězda today. During the celebratory evening two director’s film were presented – short film Directive (1949, the final Vorlíček’s film at FAMU) and family film Chicken on Travels (1962).

    Masterclass – Raoul Servais

    Raoul Servais has brought new methods as well as spectacular surrealistic imagination into the world of animated film. He is the inventor of so-called servegraphy – method, which enables combination of animation and feature action. His author’s lecture in UTB2 was about technical aspects of used methods in his famous short films as well as in his only one full-length film Taxadria.

    The annual Association of Czech Film Clubs (ACFC) awards for Raoul Servaise

    In session Belgian Surrealism, film Taxandria by director Raoul Servaise was presented today at Hvězda cinema. This Belgian animator and director also got the annual ACFC award for progress in animation methods, progress in clear author’s line and for unique connection between animated and feature film. The award was granted under the auspices of RWE and was handed by Tomáš Tíchý, the chairman of South-Moravia Gas Company, a member of RWE group.

    Don Juan Disco, 2 Singles and Čoko Voko at Mír

    Composed evening of three peculiar projects, which represent aspects of musical soft & hard pop, came through at Mír.

    March and Schautag: Barbara Pichler as a guest

    Short film Schautag by director Marvin Kren and full length film March by Klaus Händel were presented by Barbara Pichler, the director of festival Diagonale, which comes through in Graz in Austria every year.

    Chicken: performance by Tichý Jelen Theater in the DNO tent

    Original author’s performance by Jiří Jelínek and Marie Jansová inspirited by comic book Chicken with Plums by Iran author Marjana Satrapi could be watched today at the DNO tent.

    Hm…: Musical performance at the College plaza

    Quartet Hm… gets texts for their songs deep in history of Czech poetry; they show various musical genres in their performances. Tonight they managed to revitalize several classics with their playful attitude.

    The Maple Tree: musical/dancing performance in park

    In park in Hradiště, the audience (not only of the Summer Film School) could listen to music by Tomáš Šenkyřík and please their eyes by dancing Hana a Jitka Košíková with pupils of the Basic School of Arts in Veselí nad Moravou. The performance was inspirited by traditional Moravian ballad Vandrovali hudci.

    Detective story: music Birds Build Nest Underground

    The picture from Belgian Surrealism was presented tonight at Reduta and was musically accompanied by Czech experimental project called Birds Build Nest Underground. The film by director Charles Dekeukeleire, made shortly after start of sound in films in 1929, was conceived as silent.
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