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    Daily news – 28.7.2009

    TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

    Raoul Servais: his session was presented at Hvězda

    Belgian director, producer and designer Raoul Servais was present at morning’s projection of his full-length film Taxandria with a set of his short films. Servais hasn’t hesitated with using experiments in his work and he has brought new methods and spectacular Surrealistic imagination into animated film. He got several international prizes for his short films.

    VALIE EXPORT I: projection at Mír

    Austrian artist, representative of feminism and avant-garde VALIE EXPORT presented collection of her short films and her first feature full-length film Invisible Adversaries. In almost all her works we can see politically orientated subtext, criticism and call for getting rip of conventions.

    Benny’s Video: the director of photography Christian Berger as a guest at Klub Kultury

    The main element in this film by Austrian director Michael Haneke is the camera: the one which is physically present as well as the one in hands o Haneke’s only director of photography Christian Berger, who presented this picture that deals with responsibility for evil.

    Orlac’s Hands: silent film with music accompaniment (Floex + Líba)

    Director Robert Wiene and actor Conrad Veidt, who played the role of the somnambulant Caesare, worked together at shooting silent film Orlac’s Hands in 1924. The projection at Hvězda was variegated with musical and sound experiments by universal artist Tomáš Dvořák and designer/pianist Jiří Libanský.

    Abracadabra: Facka Theater in children tent DNO

    Fairy-tale story about a bored witch with a bit of mime, juggling, pyrotechnics, walking on stilts accompanied by musical instruments – that all amused the smallest attendants of the Summer Film School. At the end the children decided, what the end of the witch was.

    Trabant: Masaryk: fairy-tale for children in the tent DNO

    Two girls (Adriana Máčik, Andrea Ballay) and two young men (Mikuláš Čížek, Adam Kubišta) performed a fair-tale story about the first Czechoslovak president. Story about verity and friendship was played in a trabant and cheered many hearts.

    Ostáva človek – Martin Slivka: christening of his new book at Klub Kultury

    Together with projection of television session Children of the Wind, which deals with Romanians in Europe, new publication about director and ethnographer Martin Slivka was presented. The book called ,,Ostáva člověk – Martin Slivka” was presented by Iveta Pospíšil and Rudolf Urc, one of the authors and of the collectors of the publication.

    Import/Export: Wolfgang Thaler, the director of photography, as a guest at the projection

    The film by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl tells a story about a woman from the Ukraine and a man from Austria, who look for a place for living in other country and even though they respect the same values and are heading for similar targets, keep passing each other. Wolfgang Thaler, the director of photography, appeared as a guest of the projection.

    Osadné: the director of photography Ján Meliš and the editor František Krähenbiel as guests

    The newest film by Slovak director Marko Škop was projected at Hvězda cinema in the session Visegrad Horizon. Documentary film deals with life of local patriots living in a dying off village in Slovakia and their confrontation with the world beyond the line with European Union.

    Pleasure and Hysteria: Jan Bucquoy at Klub Kultury (The Sexual Life of the Belgians Part 4)

    Pleasure and Hysteria: Jan Bucquoy at Klub Kultury (The Sexual Life of the Belgians Part 4)In session Belgian Surrealis another part of Bucquoy’s film series The Sexual Life of the Belgians was projected. This time the author wrote and played the role of a director, who decided to choose the best actress of twelve Brussels girls for his forthcoming work. The picture, which deals with psychoanalysis and with unending fight between the opposite genders was presented by the director.

    The Man with the Golden Arm: projection at UMPRUM

    Picture by Otto Preminger from 1955 with Frank Sinatra acting the main role was presented in the session ,,Direction – Hollywood”. Film deals with the matters of drug addiction and Preminger, as one of first independent producers, became very important for forming American independent film.

    Masterclass – Christian Berger

    Christian Berger presented his author’s system of lightening Cine Reflex Lightning in UTB1. This system has meant worldwide break in film lightning and Berger shot (among others) the winning film of this year’s International Film Festival in Cannes – The White Ribbon.

    Like She and 1A2V1: last year’s mírLAB continuing

    This evening belonged to two projects, which opened an imitation of club stage in the session mirLAB 2. mírLAB is coordinated under the auspices of Cartoon Film Festival Olomouc and will take its place at Mír. Probably both stages will be open.

    Guard no. 47: Filip Renč and Ivan Hubač at Klub Kultury

    The story about a war veteran in the twenties was presented at Klub Kultury by the director Filip Renč together with the script editor Ivan Hubač
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