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    Daily news – 27.7.2009

    TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

    Comic day: lectures in UTB1

    Lectures which deal with matters of especially Czech comic came through in UTB1 today. Persons interested in this phenomenon and potential authors could get to know what is necessary to successfully begin working on comic, what problems artistic interpretation has and what the relation between comic books and film is. Among lecturers, comic script-writers Tomáš Baldýnský and Tomáš Hibi Matějíček appeared as well as reputable comic interpreter Richard Podaný. 

    Eugene Ionesco, Voice and Silence: projection at Mír

    Director Thierry Zéno created unique portrait of play-writer Eugen Ionesco. First part is about Ionesco’s writer works, second watches Ionesco-painter, who relaxes in the world of colors. This picture was presented in the session Belgian Surrealism and Zéno, director, scriptwriter and director of photography introduced the projection.

    Nanook of the North: Jiří Stivín accompanying projection at Hvězda cinema

    Nanook of the North is considered to be one of first documentary films, which showed ways to the whole documentary movement afterwards. This portrait of an Inuit family in their natural environment of arctic wilderness was filmed by adventurer Robert J. Flaherty in 1922. Today’s projection at Hvězda was accompanied with live music by jazzman Jiří Stivín.

    Wild Field: director Michail Kalatozišvili as a guest of the projection

    At Klub Kultury, the audience could watch Wild Field – picture which tells a story about a young doctor, who takes care of his new neighbors at prairie where he goes. Russian-Georgian director of this film Michail Kalatozišvili, who got five prizes out of nine which are granted by local critique, was a guest at the projection.

    Karel Cudlín: vernissage Workers at Reduta

    In the area of Jesuit monastery Reduta, author’s exhibition of important Czech documentary photograph Karel Cudlína was inaugurated. The author, among other work, was creating portraits of Václav Havel. Cudlín takes photos only black and white, which increases the effect of chosen topic – taking pictures of situation of foreign workers in our country. This compact picture set Workers includes twenty-four photos.

    Wandering vernissage of comic exhibition: inauguration at Hvězda

    At 5 PM at Hvězda, Wandering vernissage of comic exhibition was inaugurated. František Skála, author of storyboards of a comic film story Big Travelling of Vlas and Brad which was never created, was present at the vernissage. Exhibitions by other artists will be set at coffee-houses, shops and other public places; last stop will be gallery of the Palace of Book Portal with the exhibition of Czech and foreign comics posters.

    Masterclass – Ondrej Šulaj in UTB2

    Ondrej Šulaj, one of most important Slovak scriptwriters, presents his relationship to literature, theater and TV using particular pictures presented at this year’s Summer Film School. He was lecturing about his works and sources of inspiration in UTB2 today.

    Wedding Trough: Thierry Zéno as a guest

    Today at Hvězda, the audience could reveal another picture from session Belgian Surrealism. Directorial, camera and also a bit script work of the guest was a big disturbance in the year it was presented – 1974. Perversion, allegory, dreams and fetishism are in the film from the beginning to the end.

    Camping Cosmos: Jan Bucquoy present at projection at Klub Kultury

    Session Belgian Surrealism was variegated by a picture created (direction and script) by novelist, comic books author and anarchist Jan Bucquoy. He introduced the second part of his author’s series The Sexual Life of the Belgians at Klub Kultury today in the evening.

    Pink Panther? Author’s inscenation in the tent DNO

    Pair Jiří Jelínek and Jirka Kniha, members of the group DNO and now professionals at Goose on a String Theatre in Brno, filled the audience up with brainy detective humor. In two actors and dozens of accoutrements they paid a compliment to all famous searchers of the world as well at to all sorts of clichés that are needed in this genre.

    The Groupshow: performance at Mír

    Berlin musician with origin in the Czech Republic Jan Jelinek, electro musician who works with micro-sounds, created trio called The Groupshow with Hanno Leichtmann and Andrew Perkler. Their unbounded electronic improvisation was offered to use and enjoy to the audience at Mír. 

    Liam O’Maonlai: Markéta Igrl as a guest at concert of the Irish musician

    Liam O’Maonlai, versatile musician and singer, has become (together with his band Hothouse Flowers) a phenomenon, connecting traditional Irish music with current rebellion. During his tour of the USA with bodhranist Ronan O’Snodaigh (from band Kíla) he got to contact with Glen Hansard and Markéta Irgl; he recorded album To Be Touched with them afterwards. Songstress Markéta Irgl performed at O’Maonlai’s concert at the College plaza as a special guest
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