35. Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2009
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    Daily news – 26.7.2009

    TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here. here.

    Mini_FAMU: Department of documentary production FAMU (Karel Vachek, Petr Kubica)

    In lecture hall UTB2, director Karel Vacher showed the attendants matters of documentary production, which understands film as a peculiar art branch including various spectrum of attitudes towards film piece of art, focused on author’s film. Along with Karel Vacher, Petr Kubica, assistant of the headman of the department and program director of the International Festival of Documentary Films in Jihlava, presented student pieces of art.

    Karel Jerie: exhibition Dinosaur Hunters in the South Moravian Museum

    With today’s vernissage Karel Jerie inaugurated his exhibition called Dinosaur Hunters in the South Moravian Museum. Besides painting, this artist deals with comic books and illustrations. In 2008 he won first prize as a professional at the International Comics Festival in Lodz in Poland.

    Masterclass – Karel Vachek

    Karel Vachek, Czech director and film pedagogue, cleared up basic terms of his works, especially the term of ,,internal laugh”. He reminded of literary works, which are important for his production and which names of his films often refer to. He also gave a talk on big names in Czech history, especially on the ones he considers to be most important.

    Mara Mattuschka: retrospective at Mír

    Attendants at the Summer Film School could watch the best avant-garde film works by this Renaissance artist. Mara Mattuschka was present at the projection.

    Café Elektric: musical accompaniment by Gerhard Gruber

    Austrian silent movie Café Elektric, with subheading ,,When a woman goes astray”, was musically accompanied by composer Gerhard Gruber. The lead role was created by Marlene Dietrich in times before she was found by Joseph von Sternberg. Unfortunately, the film was corrupted and recently repainted picture is only a fragment.

    Caravan Europe: show by Theater Vosto5

    In Tent Vosto5 was presented performance by Theater Vosto5, which focuses on author’s works. Their play Caravan Europe tells us a story about three friends, who look for a girl and about turnovers, which change their trip. 

    Suzanne Vega: concert

    New York songster and singer Susanne Vega performed at Student square with guitarist Gery Leonard (who, among others, had cooperated with David Bowie) and bass guitar player Mike Visceglia (who had played with Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen). To fire the audience up, Maraca, Koňaboj, vocal band Fragile from Slovakia and Czech music scene find November 2nd performed before Vega. She presented not only songs from her newest album Beauty & Crime (2007), but also her greatest hits.

    The Eight Day: Jaco Van Dormael, director and scriptwriter, as a guest

    In session Different Belgium, this film about changing life values and about meeting and greeting the differences was presented at Klub Kultury. As a guest of projection this comedy drama, Jaco Van Dormael appeared. Van Dormael also participated as director and scriptwriter in pictures Toto the Hero, Mr. Nobody and The Eight Day, he directed film Lumiere and Company – all these pictures are presented at this year’s Summer Film School.
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