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    Daily news – 25.7.2009

    TV news about the Summer Film School – every evening on channel ČT2. Today’s here.

    Aurel Klimt: world of animation and his study at Department of animated production FAMU

    In lecture hall UTB2, Aurel Klimt, an important Czech animator and director, showed the audience the world of animation. After sketching out the progress of animation practices in our region, he focused on current Czech production and on teaching this technique at FAMU. This session was followed by projecting several student movies, which use various animation procedures. The audience could imagine the direction of animation in film.

    Mara Mattuschka: Die Suche nach der Unschuld

    Austrian renaissance artist, performer and film-maker Mara Mattuschka shows her production to Czech citizens for the first time – by her varnishing day at Klub Kultury. Attendants at the exhibition (the essential painter was there too) could look in author’s heart from several points of view, because all 30 exhibited paintings are Mattuschka’s self-portraits and portraits of her relatives. The paintings, created from varied perspectives, also evoke shots from Mattuschka’s experimental pictures. Mara Mattuschka is one of the most important individualities of European experimental film.

    Weekend Parties: documentary film by Erika Hnílková

    Documentary film by Erika Hnílková was presented in the Visegrad Horizon session. Her films were prized for many times during her study at FAMU. The documentary film depicts a hilarious life in Moravian metropolis during one night and observes the so-called phenomenon of Friday nights – meeting people for entertainment – which could be regarded as compulsory.  

    Phenomenon of Austrian film: Meeting

    As a part of Accompanying Events, a lecture about Austrian film with specialists from Austrian came through in UTB2 today. This year’s Summer Film School has been focused on tradition of Austrian cinematography.

    Vincent Moon: Music Session 1 at Mír

    As a part of Accompanying Events, French film-maker Mathieu Serra (who has chosen Vincent Moon as his pseudonym a few years ago) presented and commented his production. He films performances of current independent bands, but never at their concerts – that’s the way his chronicle, a piece of art itself, arises. Nowadays Moon has been one of major figures in the world of music documentary film production.

    Sodom and Gomorrah: musically accompanied silent film

    Today’s projection of silent film Sodom and Gomorrah by Michael Kertész (afterwards famous Michael Curtiz) from 1922 was musically accompanied by Austrian pianist Gerhard Gruber. Gruber uses improvisation in his production very often, which enables him creating unexpected senses.

    Inauguration of the 35. Summer Film School

    This year’s Summer Film School was inaugurated at Hvězda cinema today. After introduction of sponsors, a nice anchorman of ,,radio Alfa” was inviting people who have taken their part in realizing the festival. In front of a giant cardboard transistor, Pavel Bednařík (artistic director of the Association of Czech Film Clubs), representatives of this year’s main partners – Synottip and RWE, and mayor of Uherské Hradiště Libor Karásek, they all wished good luck to the festival. Than Petr Korč, chairman of the Association of Czech Film Clubs council), officially inaugurated this year’s Summer Film School. The ceremony was followed by projection of Austrian film For a Moment Freedom.

    Open-air cinema Smetanovy Sady: musical accompaniment for THX 1138

    Projection of THX 1138 by George Lucas was accompanied by experimental music by AGF (Antye Greie), who is one of most important German electronic music-makers. Her show (together with projection at Smetanovy Sady, which was for free) created unique atmosphere.

    Gitans Blancs: concert at college plaza

    Band of four musicians headed by guitar player Jan Janík showed their swing craft. Gitans Blancs plays only swing manouche with occasional influence of bee bob and flamenco. Their repertory is composed of music by Django Reinhardta, Rosenberg Tria and others, including their own production.

    Photo Butchery: feature-length intensive photo presentation at UTB1

    Photo Butchery, original mass photographic festival, was held for the third time. Summer Film School offers to watch the best that has been presented during the years. At Saturday’s evening projection with musical accompaniment, attendants were able to discuss with organizers of this festival as well as with some of the authors.

    Dybbuk (Zuby Nehty): concert at Mír

    This girl’s/woman’s band has been existed (with various breaks and permutations) since 1980 and tonight it showed that they still have their craft. Wild music, which is difficult to be categorized, is very interesting exhibit for discussion about gender roles.

    Jiří Stivín: concert

    Famous Czech jazzman, improvisator, flute player, multi-instrumentalist and nowadays also documentary movie maker and photographer played at college plaza. Besides playing many instruments/uninstruments, he amused the audience and made Saturday’s night nicer on his own, pleasant way.
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