35. Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2009
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    Daily News - 24.7.2009

    News about the Summer Film School – from tomorrow every evening on ČT2

    Bahrtalo! (Good Luck!)

    One of first movies, which could be watched at this-year’s Summer Film School, was movie Bahrtalo! by Hungarian director Robert Lakatos. Picture on the boundary of documentary film and feature film shows us lives of two Hungarians and their exploring Western Europe. The projection was at 11AM at Hvězda cinema.

    The Key: projection and sightseeing of shooting places

    Thriller The Key by Jan Novák took the audience into the fifties, when very cruel interrogations were realized in communist prison in Uherské Hradiště. Political prisoners were concerned in the shooting too, the movie can offer interesting cast: commandant of the prison is interpreted by Jan Přeučil, Norbert Lichý plays the role of prison officer. A special sightseeing of shooting places was arranged for journalists, photographers and accredited guests.

    History of Violence: the first film projection at Ice Stadium

    Film by Canadian director David Cronenberg, adaptation of graphic novel by John Wagner (script) and Vince Locke (cartoons), started projections at Ice Stadium. Local premises, as well as small halls at UMPRUM-high school, at Klub Kultury (Palace of Culture) and at Reduta, along with several new tents, have expanded number of projections rooms and performance places at this-year’s Summer Film School.

    Psí Vojáci: concert of cult Prague band at Mír

    Band, headed by singer, pianist, composer and songwriter Filip Topol, has existed for thirty years. This-year’s show was no fail at all and the band celebrated success – sold out Mír, excited ovation and happy audience of all age. German director (with Kurdish progenitors) Yüksel Yavuz was invited as a guest at this year’s Summer Film School – his movies April Children, My Father, Gastarbeiter and Close up Kurdistan will be presented. In his feature and documentary films Yüksel Yavuz deals with Kurds and their lives in Germany and Kurdistan.

    Oh, Bloody Life!: director of photography Tamás Andor as a guest at Klub Kultury

    Tamás Andor, director of photography, was today at Klub Kulury as a guest of projection of Oh, Bloody Life!, film by Hungarian director Péter Bacsó. Film tells us story about a star of operetta in Budapest, who was interned into the countryside. Oh, Bloody Life! is one of a few director’s films, which directly reflect Stalinism of the fifties.

    Undressed Vienna: Collection of old erotic films by Johann Schwarzer

    One hour session of more than one hundred years old silent movies showed interesting view of early works of this film sphere. Austrian director Johann Schwarzer is one of forgotten phenomenon not only of lost Austrian-Hungarian cinematography, but also of old film world with no studios.
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